Advantage Database Server: A Developer's Guide
Cary Jensen and Loy Anderson
ISBN# 978-1425977269
Published by Sybase Inc., and iAnywhere Solutions, Inc.

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This comprehensive developer's guide to Advantage Database Server shows you how to build high-performance, low maintenance databases using the Advantage Database Server. Learn how to access large amounts of data in a multiuser environment with unbelievable speed. Discover how Advantage gives you unparalleled reliability and data integrity with little or no database administration. Leverage advanced features such as triggers, stored procedures, full-text search, user defined functions, replication, online backup, and more. Technically reviewed by the Advantage R&D team, this valuable resource will help you build and deploy reliable, scalable, relational database applications.

Although the authors and the publisher have made every attempt to produce an accurate book, errors are sometimes overlooked, or accidentally introduced. This errata is being provided to give you up-to-date information about those technical errors that have been identified in the text and examples published in Advantage Database Server: A Developer's Guide. Please note that this book covers Advantage Database Server 8.1.

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Last updated on: 5/23/2007

Reporting Errors
If you find an error in Advantage Database Server: The Official Guide that you would like to report, please send a message to Advantage Database Server: A Developer's Official Guide Errata. We regret that we are unable to provide free technical support for this book or for ADS in general.

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