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Delphi In Depth
Power Techniques from the Experts

by Cary Jensen, Loy Anderson, Joseph Fung, Ann Lynnworth, Mark Ostroff, Martin Rudy, and Robert Vivrette
Osborne/McGraw-Hill, 1996

Delphi In Depth provides you with a detailed look at Delphi, the new Windows development tool from Borland International. Packed with unique insights and proven techniques, this book is a must for every Delphi developer.

Delphi In Depth covers both Delphi 1.0 as well as Delphi 2, the 32-bit version of Delphi for Windows 95 and Windows NT. Topics covered include: building applications the Delphi way, creating property editors, building database applications, working the Delphi canvas, using resource files, creating multithreaded applications, and building Delphi applications for the World Wide Web.

What people are saying about Delphi In Depth

"Unlike other books that do little more than regurgitate the Object Pascal documentation, this book will open doors you previously found closed. Techniques or principles you found to be vague or poorly explained in other sources will suddenly make sense. Delphi In Depth takes you through the inner workings of Delphi. It will spur new ideas and insights and quite simply show you how to get the job done with Delphi.
"The authors accomplish this through a number of solid, real-life examples. This hands-on approach results in a wonderfully clear tutorial and reference to an exciting new development environment. Based on their own experiences, the authors lead you through the Delphi basics. They then progress to more complex examples such as multithreading. By the book's end, you'll understand the fundamentals of Delphi programming."
Mitchell Koulouis, Publisher, Delphi Informant Magazine

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TITLE: Delphi In Depth
AUTHORS: Cary Jensen, Loy Anderson, Joseph Fung, Ann Lynnworth, Mark Ostroff, Martin Rudy, and Robert Vivrette
ISBN: 0-07-882211-4
CATEGORY: PCs/Programming
SKILL LEVEL: For Every Programmer
PRICE: US $ 42.95
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