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We provide Internet and database application training, development, documentation, and help system services. We support Delphi XE4, XE3, XE2, XE, and all earlier versions of Delphi, and Sybase's Advantage Database Server.

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Delphi 2007 for Win32 Training

Jensen Data Systems, Inc. provides Delphi 2007 for Win32 training by JDSI President Cary Jensen, Ph.D., one of the world's leading Delphi trainers. With onsite training, we can come to your site and it has never been more affordable. Get training for up to 10 developers for a competitive flat daily rate. Onsite training can be delivered using either lecture-style or hands-on techniques, and you can choose from a large selection of available topics.

Following are seminars available for Delphi 2007 for Win32. We may also be able cover topics not listed online. Select from our available seminars or have us put together a custom training seminar. For more information, including pricing and scheduling, please contact us.

Delphi 2007 for Win32 Training Seminars # of Days
# of Days
Delphi 2007 for Win32 Jump Start
A comprehensive seminar on object-oriented programming and application development in Delphi
5 days 4 days Beg-Int
Delphi Database Development: Featuring ClientDataSets
A comprehensive seminar on Delphi Database Development. Combines Database Development in Delphi topics with an in-depth focus on ClientDataSets
3-4 days 3 days Beg-Adv
Delphi RAD Development and Component Creation 2 days 2 days Beg-Int
Extreme Delphi: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques 2 days 2 day All levels

Extreme Delphi Reloaded: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
An enhanced version of our most popular Win 32 Delphi seminar

3 days 2 days All levels
Mastering Multithreading and Other Advanced Programming Topics
Multithreading, Threads, Synchronization, DLLs, Windows Resources, and RTTI-Runtime Type Information
3 days 3 days Int-Adv
Delphi Interfaces and COM 2 days 2 days Int-Adv
Internet Development with Delphi 2-3 days 2 days Int
Delphi Web Services, XML, and Socket Programming 2 days 3 days All levels
Building Applications with Delphi and 
Advantage Database Server
2 days 1 day All levels
Database Development with Delphi 2 days 2 days Beg-Int
Advanced Database Development Techniques 2 days 2 days Int-Adv
Exploiting Delphi ClientDataSets 2 1/2 days 2 days Int-Adv
IntraWeb 3 days 2 days Int
Custom Delphi Seminars
Select from our available seminars above or have us put together a custom training seminar that covers just the topics you need. You can combine any topics described in our available seminars. You can also include any of the following additional Delphi topics (we have courseware for these topics). We may also be able cover topics not listed here. Please contact us.
Combining Training with Consulting and Mentoring
Need assistance in the design, development, and/or deployment of your applications? Need a hand solving a problem? We can help. Cary Jensen can combine training with consulting, focusing on your particular application. Let's work side-by-side on your application and get those problems solved! For more information, please contact us.
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