Advantage Database Server: A Developer's Guide, 2nd Edition, Cary Jensen & Loy Anderson

ISBN: 1453769978
EAN-13 (ISBN13): 9781453769973

This comprehensive developer's guide shows you how to use Advantage Database Server 10.0, the high-performance, low maintenance server that deploys on Windows, Linux, and Netware. Technically reviewed by the Advantage Database Server R&D team, this valuable resource will help you design and deploy reliable, scalable, low-maintenance, relational database applications. Printed versions of this book are available for purchase from CreateSpace (the publisher for Amazon) and Amazon. An e-book version of this book is available for sale by FastSpring.

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Chapter Titles

Advantage Database Server: A Developer's Guide, 2nd Edition
Cary Jensen and Loy Anderson

Part I Advantage and the Advantage Data Architect
Chapter 1 Introduction to Advantage Database Server
Chapter 2 Creating Tables
Chapter 3 Defining Indexes
Chapter 4 Understanding and Using Data Dictionaries
Chapter 5 Defining Constraints and Referential Integrity
Chapter 6 Working with Views
Chapter 7 Creating Stored Procedures
Chapter 8 Defining Triggers
Chapter 9 Using Notifications
Chapter 10 Backing Up and Restoring Data
Chapter 11 Implementing Replication
Part II Advantage SQL
Chapter 12 Introduction to Using Advantage SQL
Chapter 13 Advantage Query Tools
Chapter 14 Using SQL to Perform Common Database Operations
Chapter 15 The Advantage SQL Scripting Language
Chapter 16 System Management and Metadata
Appendix A Web Page for the Advantage 10 Book
Appendix B Troubleshooting and Other Issues

Part III Accessing ADS Data
Part III chapters are available online
Chapter 17 Advantage and Delphi (view/download Chapter 17 pdf, last updated 9/13/2010)
Chapter 18 Advantage and ADO.NET (view/download Chapter 18 pdf, last updated 9/13/2010)
Chapter 19 Advantage and the .NET Entity Framework (view/download Chapter 19 pdf, last updated 2/28/2011)
Chapter 20 Advantage and Visual FoxPro (view/download Chapter 20 pdf, last updated 12/6/2010)
Chapter 21 Advantage Database Server and Java (view/download Chapter 21 pdf, last updated 9/13/2010)
Chapter 22 Advantage and MDAC, OLE DB, ADO, and Visual Basic (view/download Chapter 22 pdf, last updated 10/20/2010)
Chapter 23 Advantage with ODBC, PHP, and DBI/Perl (view/download Chapter 23 pdf, last updated 9/13/2010)

Sample Code, Database, and Advantage Database Server 2-User Downloads

Download: Sample database and code examples, Windows zip file, last updated 04/09/2012

Download: Sample database and code examples, Linux tar file, last updated 10/20/2010

Download: Advantage Database Server 2-User Developer Edition, provided by Advantage/Sybase, an SAP Company, for readers of this book

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Book review by Chris Franz, Advantage/Sybase

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